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Automated Database Restart

January 21st, 2024 – 7:41 pm
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Here is a script that checks to ensure the database is running and restarts the service if it is not running.  This was used on a very low memory server to ensure a database remained operational, despite it sometimes crashing due to out of memory errors. #!/bin/bash timestamp="$(date)" systemctl stop httpd && echo "${timestamp}" Stopping [...]

AppImage Integration

January 21st, 2024 – 7:12 pm
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To install AppImages and integrate them with the desktop environment like a conventional package,  use the AppImage Launcher. LibreWolf’s documentation contains a how-to document on using AppImage Launcher.

Thunderbird Row Highlighting

January 21st, 2024 – 7:09 pm
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Revisions: 21 January 2024, first publication The Thunderbird developers are moving to a new user interface code base for Thunderbird 115 and Thunderbird 102 is the last version that will work with the historical userChrome.css customizations. The userbase for Mozilla products has continually shrunk over the past few years and the chances of equivalent customization [...]

Functions in Bash

January 21st, 2024 – 2:57 pm
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This is the code for a function in Bash script. #!/bin/bash # Define a function greet() { echo “Hello, $1″ } # Call the function with “World” as the argument greet “World”

Looping through filenames in Bash

January 21st, 2024 – 1:59 am
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To loop through the subdirectories in a folder, when those subdirectories may contain spaces in the file names, use the following procedure. OLD_IFS=$IFS && IFS=$’\n’ for directory in $HOME/localsource/*/; do echo “some code here” done IFS=$OLD_IFS  

Bash and *nix Note no. 2

January 10th, 2024 – 6:18 am
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  This document contains some notes on .bashrc for use with Linux systems. alias ll=’ls -alF’ alias la=’ls -A’ alias l=’ls –CF’ if [ -f ~/.bash_aliases ]; then     . ~/.bash_aliases fi The preceding two blocks come standard on Ubuntu as of version 2022.04. One tweak for WSL2 on Windows might be the addition of [...]