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Debian 12 PATH and X11

May 18th, 2024 – 4:46 am
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A few quirks with Debain 12 include that path not being set in similar fashion to Fedora, Ubuntu, and other distributions.  One must regularly set export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin In Gnome, applications will open on the server instead of the client when using X11 forwarding.  This will occur even though xcalc opens on the client normally.  The [...]

Move /var to new disk

May 18th, 2024 – 4:40 am
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To add a new virtual disk and move the existing Linux partition to the new disk use the following process. The process assumes standard partitions without the use of Logical Volume Manager (LVM). 1. Backup the existing VM. One good way to do that is to clone the Virtual Machine and use the procedure on [...]

The ridiculous diamond

May 12th, 2024 – 7:13 am
Tagged as: Economics Note

Update: As of 26 May 2024, The diamond has been replaced with a lightbulb in the far right area of the title bar, which is not nearly as grotesque. The diamond in the title bar is why I refuse to pay for Microsoft Office 365. I pay Dropbox and SoftMaker instead. Microsoft has already lost [...]

Install Java 21 in Debian 12

May 4th, 2024 – 11:50 pm
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Minecraft Java edition lost compatibility with Java 17 between 1.20.4 and 1.20.6. Version 1.20.4 works with Java 17, and 1.20.6 no longer works with Java 17.  Several guides appear online for installing downloaded packages of the 64-bit runtime from Oracle or other sources.  Since Debian offers 32-bit server operating systems in the present day, the [...]

Hypothesis test memo no. 1

May 4th, 2024 – 6:10 am
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1. R2 is the coefficient of determination, which is the square of the Pearson correlation coefficient, r, the formula for which is ρ=β1(σx/σy), where β1 is the parameter estimate. ASCI and Unicode text does not have a circumflex, ^, on top of the β. For this documentation the objective is multiplatform long-term readability so an equation [...]