Simon Says and use Mojeek

June 26th, 2024 – 4:16 am
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Written by La Ecrivain

The Simon Says blog has been online for a long time. Here is an entry from 2008 about ripping CDs on a Mac.  In a way this site shows what is wrong with the web.  Twenty years ago blogs and websites had favorites and blog rolls.  Through this people discovered many great sites.  Around 2012 WordPress removed the Link Manager from the default WordPress and the blog-sphere began to fade away because the links began to fray.  From there, Google began to limit search results to the chosen few.  Recently Bing search has begun allowing scrolling to many different search results again. I went to page 16 the other day just to see.  To use a Search Engine like it’s 2009, which was way better than now, use Mojeek.  I hope they don’t break it.  That’s how I found that 2008 entry about ripping CDs on a Mac.  That is a discovery that one would never find on Google.  It was like stepping into a time machine.